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FIDIC contracts and Italian enviroment

On 25 and 26 June 2013 in Paris I partecipated with great pleasure to the “ICC FIDIC International Construction Contracts and the Resolution of Disputes Conference”

It was really enchanting to hear such a panel of expert speakers to explain FIDIC agreements and related dispute resolutions.

As I had the occasion to explain to many colleagues encountered during the meeting, in Italy such standard agreements are seldom utilized.

But many Italian Contractors have recently started to explore new markets and to participate to private and public bidding.   Doing that they had to examine FIDIC‘s rainbow set of contracts and to understand them.

We have the luck to be asked to provide assistance in such task , and this is the reason of our knowledge in the field.

In Italy instead it is more common to utilize the Civil Code Scheme, which is well know by all the entrepreanours in the construction  field.